Whether To Follow Or Subscribe Any Stock Newsletters?


There are a huge variety of stock newsletters today which give investors the best list of penny stocks to buy. But it is necessary to choose or subscribe to a very hot or current type of newsletter. You can follow the best stock newsletters of the market. But sometimes at the end many investors fail to follow the stock newsletters which match the newsletter’s portfolio claims. There are certain newsletters which have a good track record and they are the long term. Most of the times it happened that, the high investment newsletters proved to be bad for many of the investors. They have the tendency to put all the blames in the newsletters. But it has been observed that the fault is not in the newsletters but it lies somewhere else.

Just imagine if it only needs a stock newsletter to become a successful investor then everyone who is investing would have subscribed to the newsletters. If this was the case, then this news would have spread like the fire and it would be having more customers as compared to the other entities present on the Wall Street. The answer to the question that, should I follow or subscribe to any stock newsletters or not? Is that there has been a very rare success to it. Many of the investors have failed due to the following reasons.

  • Sizing of the positions
  • Instead of investing practically and mechanically, a person invests emotionally.

Stock NewslettersMany of the investors have started following the stock newsletters with a purpose in their minds that just give your recommendations, and they will become successful as successful you are. All the managers dealing with money surely knows that entry points results very little in the success. Following the recommendation of a newsletter which is very successful is just a foolish act. We can’t get success on somebody’s recommendations. Success is created by our own will and worth.

There is a fact about the newsletters that the ROI gets improved and shows a better performance. By newsletters investors get an idea of the performance of the particular stock. The one which looks to be safe people try to bet in that more. Thus the type of portfolio gives an idea about the investment. But does not guarantee success. Many a times it happens that the newsletters tend to suggest an extreme criticism. Thus the performances of the stocks get based on the recommendation of the stock newsletters. If you choose it personally then you will surely go for the stocks which are flying. And the one who have subscribed to the newsletters would go on the pessimist recommendations. But it is always not a bad idea.

There are many newsletters that show you the hottest penny stocks to watch. You can subscribe to those stock newsletters whose performance is good and accurate. But whenever it comes to your money they will be unable to match to the ROI which is published. Thus they often fail to match up the portfolios when money is at the stake.